Thursday, July 8, 2010

Everyone is in Minnesota!

Rob, Amelia, and I have been vacationing in Minnesota. After they left me in Vermont for a week by myself, I flew to Minnesota to spend the week of the fourth at home in Minnesota. My parents picked me up at the airport, and we drove up to the Ward cabin near Hackensack, MN. We had a wonderful weekend at the cabin with Rob's family. My parents left on Sunday morning, and following tradition, we went to Rob's grandmother's sister's place on Woman Lake for the annual family fourth of July parade and picnic. After parading through the property in various vehicles, we picnicked on the beach. Amelia spent most of the afternoon in the lake, and we all got lots of sun.

Amelia is working on her language. She now is able to say shoes. She says "bye" appropriately, and is very social. She learned how to start and stop the washer and dryer at the lake home, which is not as helpful as I am sure she intends to be. She spent her days in the water, playing on the beach, going for walks, and playing with her toys and books inside the screened porch. The most exciting moment was when she stepped right off the dock as she was walking on it and fell into the water. Fortunately, she was wearing a life jacket, which brought her face right up to the water. She was startled though, and she even cried a little from all the excitement.

As always, it is good to spend quality time with Rob's family on Arthur's Point. I was so sad this morning when we left, because I know we won't be spending as much time there as we have in the past. I am sure Rob and Amelia will take one more trip to MN this summer, but it isn't the same as in the past when we were able to go up every weekend in the summer.

We are now at my parents' farm in Gibbon. We'll be here for the weekend, and then back to Vermont. Everyone in Minnesota enjoys Amelia's visits!