Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gym Job Ears

Now that winter has finally arrived in Vermont, we have settled in to our more indoor lives. We actually got a gym membership since it is cold and icy on the roads now. We decided the only real option for a gym for us is one with a nursery, so we've joined Sports and Fitness Edge, which has a handful of locations around the Burlington area. Although it serves our needs, it is NOTHING like Lifetime Fitness in MN. Oh, how we miss our old gym! Since this is the best we could find in VT, we'll just have to be happy with it for a few years. Rob plays pickup basketball three times a week and also attends a spin class. His instructor was very impressed with his strong legs. I like the group fitness classes after work and on weekend mornings. Body pump is pretty tough.

Rob had a job interview on Monday! We are waiting for the end of the week when we find out if they liked him or not. He described the other science teachers as a bunch of guys that look exactly like him. I think that is a good thing, but I am not sure. The only problem is that if they have two candidates they like, they will ask them to do a lecture for the hiring committee. This idea is a nightmare for Rob, so we're hoping it doesn't come to this. However, we all know what an outstanding lecturer Rob is!

Amelia and Rob took an exciting visit to the hospital today. They met me in surgical pathology, which according to Rob, is difficult to find. Amelia chatted with some of the other residents, and then we went off to her ENT appointment. The tube in her right ear is still in place, but the left tube has fallen out. Unfortunately, there is fluid building up behind the tympanic membrane on the left side. We have another appointment in 6 weeks to see if the fluid clears, but I am not hopeful. Although it sure isn't a huge crisis, we aren't that excited about the prospect of having another tube place...just spendy and time consuming. However, we are fortunate to have good health for the most part, so we can't complain.

Amelia is as cute as ever. Her vocabulary expands daily. She loves to read books, play with her babies, and she has a newfound interest in coloring, which I have been trying to encourage for awhile now! We had a glorious time last night while Rob was off at Bridge League. Amelia colored for 30 minutes while I tried two new recipes to utilize all the root vegetables we get in our farm share. Oh, it was such a treat! She did end up coloring her doll's leg, and then came to me at the sink asking for "dope", ie soap. She tried scrubbing the doll's leg three times with no success. Maybe she'll learn her lesson not to color her dolls anymore!